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1870 ? Coastal area has been mapped by English party from Kuala Kurau to Teluk Intan (Telok Anson).

1881 ? Measure title to the first carried out in Perak State is in Daerah Kuala Kurau and Parit Buntar by Encik HL Pemberton. This officer is the first of surveyor to carry out measure title of Perak State. Result from that measurement work found Syit 1-8 produced and given Pemberton Syit's name. Above syit that found lot number, landlord name, type of land use, natural details details and man-made and had natural border. That Syit minted in Dehra Dun, India and issued in year 1885.

1885 ? Record Jabatan Ukur Trigonometri's beginning Perak State when HG Deanne, a Contract Surveyor has be appointed Jurutera's staff State in State Public Works Department Perak for efforts carry out trigonometry measurement works in Perak. He have gauged baseline in Larut during 4.6 miles

1888 ? Jabatan Ukur Negeri Perak was established in Taiping city and are located in a building together with others department . The first Pengarah Ukur is Encik GA Lefroy, AMICE, FGS.

1892 ? Pejabat Ukur Daerah Kinta set up under Mr C.Alma Baker surveillance to carry measurement work title of Kinta district only while Jabatan Ukur Negeri in Taiping carry out measure of Perak Selatan.

1892 ? The first Plan Akui produced is in Mukim Sg. Trap, Daerah Kinta in 22 June 1892 and are measured by En GO Willes.

1894 ? The first Syit 'Demarcation' were produced in Daerah Kerian.

1900 ? The first Plan Akui harvested outside Daerah Kinta which possess measure data data such as bearings,distance,lot number and area lot.

1934 ? Jabatan Ukur Negeri Perak in responsible Taiping on North and South Perak area and Pejabat Ukur Daerah Kinta performs measure title and produce plan akui and syit follow respective administrations.

1934 ? Starting from April, plan akui, syit and documents on measure title which previously legitimised by Juruukur Daerah Kinta and kept in Pejabat Ukur Daerah Kinta had been handed and kept in Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan Negeri Perak in Taiping. Pengarah Ukur Negeri Perak for that year is En WA Gummer.

1963 ? In 7 September 1963 Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan Perak are located in Old Building moved to Bangunan Baru in Jalan Kota, Taiping and was inaugurated by Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister and who is also Rural Development Minister, Yang Berhormat Tun Abdul Razak B Hussain, SMN., OKIS.

1963 ? In 2 September 1997, headquater of Jabatan Ukur and Pemetaan while operates at Jalan Kota, Taiping moved to new building in Jalan Dato' Seri Ahmad Said, Greentown, Bandaraya Ipoh.


To provide a survey and mapping service system as well as circulate effective, quality and appropriate geographical information based on individual/public/other government agencies’ needs


To advise the government in the - national as well as international - survey, mapping and border formulation of acts matters

To provide complete and permanent details of land/strata/stratum titles

To manage the records of titles/ownership accurately for the use of Land Administration

To provide and develop maps for military and public use

To designate, demarcate and survey state borders and international borders with neighbouring countries

To provide digitally based information required for analysis management through the Sistem Pengurusan Data Kadaster (SPDK)

Modernized Department

Computerization programs at JUPEM has transformed it into one of government’s most up-to-date and modern departments in the State. With the successful implementation of Sistem Pengurusan Data Kadaster (SPDK), together with the deployment of GPS and Total Stations in outstation jobs, this department has advanced to a centre of excellence in the line survey and mapping industry.

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