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The renowned eKadaster Project, being the first ever in the world, is a milestone achievement not only for JUPEM but also a pride for the nation.

JUPEM is the sole government organization responsible for providing high quality survey and mapping products and services to the government, business, public, and individuals for the purpose of national development.

Currently, the government is committed in its effort to enhance public delivery system for its agencies and departments. This includes land-related dealings with the public such as land alienation and title survey which has become an urgent matter of late. As such, JUPEM as the agency responsible for the land title survey services, has taken the necessary initiatives to handle the latest development in land title survey requirements.

All this point toward the demand to JUPEM for expeditious, effective, and efficient land title survey. To this end, JUPEM has taken various measures including investigating the use of latest in surveying technology such as satellite technology using Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, for the improvement of land survey services and products provided by JUPEM.

The proposed eKadaster project shall be the impetus to drive JUPEM towards meeting these challenges under the government’s RMK9 project implementation.

The objectives of eKadaster Project are:

To reduce the duration for Permohonan Ukur (PU) settlement from 2 years to 2 months

To incorporate all ICT projects successfully implemented at state JUPEM,
i.e., STS, SAPD, SPDK, and CCS pilot project

To re-align various application systems in accordance with filed survey process
re-engineering in order to simplify field survey work without jeopardizing survey
data accuracy and integrity

To re-align various application systems in accordance with title plan preparation
process re-engineering in order to enable the seamless data flow from surveyed
data, PDUK update and validation, digital PA preparation, and Title Plan preparation

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